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Introducing the powerful software solution that delivers complete protection for your family’s digital life. Introducing Siccura Family.

Start Protecting Your Family For As Little As $55 per month

Data Security

The influence of digital has filtered deep into family life. Every meaningful moment is recorded, shared and stored with photos and videos. We trust social media and instant messaging apps with private conversations. We shop online. We bank online. We live online. Family life leaves a trail of data.

Any single piece of that data could bring your loved ones to the attention of prying eyes. Increasingly determined and adept, modern cyber criminals can piece together different threads of that data stream to commit fraud, theft or blackmail.

Sometimes even those we know and trust can be careless with our personal data. If you are not properly protected, your family could be fully exposed.

What Is Siccura Family?

Take Total Control Of Your Family’s Data

Simple and powerful, Siccura is an easy-to-use software solution that gives you complete control of every strand of family data. Using a proprietary encryption process, every message, password and photo is stored and shielded from unwanted access.

In the unlikely event that any data is obtained by a stranger, the encryption process renders the data undecipherable.

With a single subscription you can protect all the digital devices used at home, and all the family members who use them.

What Happens In The Family…
Stays Within The Family

Whatever your family looks like, however you live your lives, the one thing we all have in common is an increasing amount of time spent using technology.

We’re not here to scare you. But chats can be screenshotted, images can be forwarded, voice notes can be recorded. In the wrong hands, the damage to your loved one’s life is significant.

Share photos, tell stories, chat with your family, live a full digital life with total peace of mind with Siccura.



Once initiated, Siccura never sleeps. It will keep working to protect your family night and day.

Comprehensive Cover

A single solution that works across devices (phones, tablets, computers) and platforms (emails, cloud accounts,and local/C-drive storage).

Cross-Platform Access

Log in to your account from any device to access your data whenever, and wherever you like.

Total Control

Siccura stops your contacts from sharing, forwarding or copying your data and messages, and from taking screen shots. Only you can decide who gets to share your data, and who gets to see it.


Burn Message

Retain the integrity of your life, or your business by activating this feature to automatically delete either sent or received messages that have come from a contact after a specific time.

App Password

Secure your data on Siccura by activating either of the two modes. Hide Siccura, and only gain access by entering a pin into the your phone dialler.


Send messages that automatically delete after a specific time, or activate this feature against a contact’s name so all your messages to that contact disappear after a specific time.

Take Back

Recall content before you regret it. Perfect for retrieving comments made in haste and for taking the heat out of disputes and conversations

Start Protecting Your Family For As Little As $55 per month

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